Drywall corner bead tape is manufactured especially for finishing inside and outside drywall edges. Smart Bead paper faced metal bead is manufactured with a unique, high quality paper tape that is laminated across two steel strips providing a consistent and firm finish. The bead tape adheres easily to joint compounds, textures and paints. This corrosion-resistant metal ensures resistance to impact along with cracking and chipping of edges, thus creating corners that remain in a fine condition despite the continuous damages due to everyday wear-and-tear.
Primarily for reinforcing corners and smooth, strong edges. Highly suitable for archways and curves.




Weight g/m >55
Thickness mm 0.30 + 0.02
Tensile Strength kn/m >4.4
Metal & Paper Peel Off Data kn/m >0.3KN
Ash % 5 - 7
Water % 4.5 - 5.5
Thickness Tolerance Um <10um
Steel Strip Width mm 11