it is imperative for a quality product such as Smart Gypsum board to be jointed expertly and finished smoothly. Smart Filler Ready mixture provides a solution for perfect flush jointing and finishing. Smart filler compound is a pre-mixed solution of plaster boards and ceilings. It has adhesive properties and dries to a hard, smooth surface which is suitable for painting.

Hence, it can also be applied over the drywall surface for a glossy finish plus can be directly used without mixing or adding extra water.

Highly recommended for commercial, residential and industrial usage. Smart Filler is also developed to patch-up and enhance various other kinds of interior surfaces.

Joint Filler Ready Mixed

Time Between Coats 12-24 hours (depends on the local condition)
Average Consumption 1.75 kg/㎡/mm Thickness depending on substrate conditions
Contained Volume 5kg & 26kg Plastic Bucket
Storage Method Keep in a dry place without high humidity condition & direct exposure to heat or sunlight
Product's Shelf Life Best before 8 months from manufacturing date
Standards Compiles with ASTM C475 & ASTM C840