Smart Gypsum Board which is our flagship product contains Gypsum and an incombustible core covered with extra tough paper on both sides providing it strength and durability. The manufacturing of Smart Gypsum Board is in coherence with ASTM standards such as ASTM C472, C473, C474 D3763. Developed with superior quality raw materials and precision engineering, Smart Gypsum Board is a quality assured product with comprehensive range of usages.

Smart Gypsum Board comes in a comprehensive range of high quality boards

Smart Standard Gypsum Board is ideal for interior walls, partitions and ceilings which require no special protection from fire or moisture.

Other variations in this type:

Smart Fire Resistance Gypsum Board is an exceptional choice for walls, partitions, ceilings that need extra protection from fire. It comprises of an incombustible fiber added to gypsum enclosed within a tough pink cohesive compressed paper which provides it strength. This special board has been particularly tailored and tested as per various global fire rating requirements. It is strongly recommended for walls, partitions, ceilings and in areas which need special fire protection, for instance, fire escape stairs, computer rooms, elevators, & interior building walls.
Smart Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board is a superlative choice for walls, partitions, ceilings that need additional protection from moisture.

This special board consists of a blend of wax and the silicone compound enclosed by tough green paper on the surfaces which reinforces walls, partitions and ceilings to endure moisture and damp surroundings.
Smart Foil Backed Gypsum Board is great for providing interior insulation to exterior walls. In areas with cold climates, the Foil Backed Smart board acts as an effective vapour retarder and prevents moisture inside from penetrating into wall and ceiling spaces. The back liner of the board is attached to a special aluminium foil sheet which reflects 95% of thermal radiation and maintains it at an optimum temperature.


Metric Size(mm)

Imperial Size(mm)

Weight (Approx) kg./sheet

20ft Container Loading

9mm 1200 x 1800 1220 x 1830 14 1400 Sheets
12mm 1200 x 1800 1220 x 1830 19 1050 Sheets
9mm 1200 x 2400 1220 x 2440 21 900 Sheets
12mm 1200 x 2400 1220 x 2440 25 680 Sheets
15mm 1200 x 2400 1220 x 2440 30 580 Sheets

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Smart Gypsum Board is available in two distinct types of edges, designed for specific forms of work. Using the edge type which is more befitting ensures better performance and appearance.


Suitable for interior walls and ceilings. No jointing required.


Tapered edges offer enough space for firmly fixing joint filler and tape, resulting in an even finish. Suitable for interior walls and ceilings that need smooth level finish. Jointing is required.


Smart Gypsum Board should be preferably stored in cool and dry conditions. Support should be placed every 50cm to prevent the board from being in direct contact with the floor. Storage area/room must have adequate ventilation.


Smart Gypsum Board is not recommended for usage in areas exposed to constant moisture or extreme dampness such as saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools.

Sizes are available on special orders. Orders are taken in advance.