This self-adhesive fiberglass tape can be used to reinforce corners and drywall joints. It is made from a fiberglass mesh that is thin and light yet extremely vigorous. Smart fiberglass drywall tape resists shrinkage, shredding, stretching and deformation. It is a shining star when it comes to prevent joints from cracking.
This is usually a frequent occurrence when ordinary fiberglass mesh tape is used. The use of Smart Tape amplifies joint strength and resilience to prevent cracking, tearing, stretching and distortion. While drywall joints can crack when ordinary fiberglass mesh tape is used, Smart Tape’s high tensile strength creates a superior bond which is crack-resistant.
Suitable for covering joints between drywall panels. Quick and easy application with no extra need of bedding or taping coat of the jointing material. Primarily recommended for patching holes, cracks in drywall and plaster interiors.

Mesh Size 9x9 mesh/ (3.20 x 3.20 mm) / (2.85 x 2.85 mm)
Warp of Yarn 33 tex x 2
Woof of Yarn 100 tex
Average of weight >65g/㎡ range of weight 63-68g/㎡
Tensile strength warp: 550 N/50mm
Woof ≤ 10um
Resin content 26% - 28%
Alkalin resistance properties After 28 days of immersion of 5% naoH solution
retention rate of tensile fracture ≥ 70%